Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Panther Vision: Vindicator Lighted Safety Glasses

Complimentary product provided to me from Panther Vision.  All opinions are my own.

PANTHER VISION Vindicator Lighted Safety Glasses - This is one of the COOLEST and INNOVATIVE products I have reviewed here at The Funky Monkey!  One of my hobbies is working on my car, a two seater roadster Mazda Miata, and when I start installing a part I must finish what I started regardless if it's day or night.  

Recently, I installed an exhaust system and anti-sway bars and had to work underneath the car.  I put on the Panther Vision Vindicator and boy did it make the job a lot easier!  The lenses were clear as glass, the concealed LED lights were bright and it felt comfortable on my face.  I loved it so much that I recommended it to family members and other car enthusiasts that are as obsessive with getting projects done day or night.

In the past, I have worked on my car without wearing safety glasses and I sure paid for it.  I got foreign material in my eyes and they were so irritated that I had to cancel an important trip overseas.  I learned my lesson and understand the importance of wearing safety glasses when working on projects.  

These professional grade safety glasses are made from polycarbonate and are light-weight at 1.9oz.  Its black glossy frame is stylish and sturdy for years of reliable service.  The LED lights put out 32 bright Lumens for 50 hours powered by four CR1632 batteries in the frame.  ANSI Z87.1-2003 rated lenses ensures impact resistance to protect your eyes. 

Bottom Line – Regardless of what project you are working on, to protect your eyes Panther Vision's Vindicator Lighted Safety Glasses should be at the top of your list.  Not only are they cool looking, they're comfortable for all day use.  Available at Panther Vision or your nearest AutoZone.


  1. Great article, I too have a Mazda and will be picking up a pair of these!

  2. Didn't think I would come on here to talk about cars, but sway bars are great, installed them last year. Still want an exhaust on my 99 Miata. I like your purple hard top but I am much more of a soft top kind of guy.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Reluctantly, I'll be selling my Miata soon, but we have three cars here and it doesn't get much use anymore.