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NITE IZE: Action ArmBand & INOVA X3A High-Powered LED Bike Light {Giveaway}

Complimentary products provided to me for this review and giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

NITE IZE - Father's Day is coming up!  NITE IZE offers FUN, EXCITING, and USEFUL products.  From LED lights, mobile device accessories, hardware, and flashlight accessories, NITE IZE is sure to have something for dads everywhere.  

I recently tested a couple of their products that I am very happy with and recommend.  The reviews below are for the INOVA X3A High-Powered LED Bike Light and the Action ArmBand for the iPhone 5.

INOVA X3A High-Powered LED Bike Light - I welcome warm weather, but not HOT weather.  Here in California the temperature had been reaching 90 degrees plus.  When it gets this hot I wait until evening to ride my road bike on a local paved trail.  I attached the INOVA X3A bike light on my handlebars and secured it with their Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Ties.  I was unsure if  it would keep the light secure, but after riding through rough pavement, my worries quickly dissipated.  The twist ties were strong enough to keep the light still and the it was so steady and did not shake one bit! 

The INOVA X3A uses LED light and has six settings: Constant/Momentary High Power, Constant/Momentary Low Power, and Constant/Momentary Safe-Day Pulse.  Toggling through the 3 light settings is effortless; simply turn the end-cap switch to the clockwise to turn on.  To switch to the next light setting, turn the end-cap switch an 1/8 of a turn counter-clockwise and back clockwise to lock it out.  Repeat until you have your desired setting.  

The Constant High Power Setting puts out 175 Lumens, which is BRIGHT (pictured above). I can safely go as fast as I can on my road bike and be sure I'll see any obstacles ahead of me since it can illuminate out to 106 meters.  3 fresh AAA batteries will last 3 1/2 hours in this setting.  The Constant Low Power setting puts out 16 Lumens, which is still bright and safe to use if you're not going fast (pictured below).  This setting will make your batteries last 49 hours total!  Constant Safe-Day Pulse allows the light to pulsate to attract drivers to increase your safety. 

Untwisting the Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Ties enables you to remove the INOVA X3A from the plastic cradle to use as a flashlight and for tactical use.  To use the Momentary function, rotate the end-cap switch 1/2 turn counter-clockwise and toggle through the 3 setting by pushing the rubberized button at the bottom of the end-cap switch.  This is perfect for tactical use so you can turn it on to see, but turn it off immediately as to not give away your position.  

If you happen to drop it, rest assured that it is durable and impact resistant up to 1 meter.  If you use the light in inclement weather, its water resistance feature will ensure you won't be left in the dark.  With Nite Ize' No Worries Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty, you should have no worries with your investment just in case an issue with this light arises.

Action ArmBand for iPhone 5 & Similar - This arm band has been very useful when riding my road bike and running!  It is unique in which it has a key pocket, an ID pocket, and comes with the CURVYMAN CORD SUPERVISOR to shorten your earphone cable.  I usually carry my iPhone, car key, home key, and driver's license when riding my bike or running.  I usually put these items in my pocket, but fear they may fall out.  The Action ArmBand solved this problem since there are specific slots to put these important items in.

The Action ArmBand stays secure on your arm by looping a strong Velcro strap through a heavy duty metal loop.  It's highly adjustable and will fit arms 10.5"- 16" in circumference.  Reflective material ensures visibility.  An S-Biner Key Clip ensures your keys are secured in the key pocket.  Your ID is safe within an inside pocket that is closed with a strong velcro.  I specifically love the tacky rubberized strips on the inside of the band next to my arm to keep it from moving around.  

Last but not least, if you have a slim case for your iPhone, you do not have to remove it to use this arm band!  It simply slides in and out with ease.  Also, in case of rain, the ArmBand's water resistant properties will ensure your stuff stays dry.

Bottom Line – I highly recommend the INOVA X3A LED Bike Light and the Action ArmBand.  Also, don't forget Father's Day is coming!  Surprise the dad(s) in your life by visiting NITE IZE.  I'm sure you will find a present he'll find useful and love.

Giveaway Time:  NITE IZE  is giving one lucky reader an Action ArmBand & INOVA X3A High-Powered LED Bike Light!

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