Thursday, March 28, 2013

KanJam: The Ultimate Disc Game {Giveaway}

KanJam Game Set - Spring is here!  Time to get out and play endless rounds of KanJam!   Despite my family’s lack of Frisbee throwing skills, we have loads and loads of fun playing KanJam.  We’ve all gotten better to the point that I think we can begin to play in KanJam tournaments!  OK, maybe not that good yet, but definitely getting there.

KanJam is a game that consists of an official KanJam flying disc (like a Frisbee) and two KanJam official goals.  To give you an idea of how the goals look like, the game was originally played using two garbage cans with a slot cut out in the front.  The KanJam official goals are now shorter and made of recycled plastic material that is light and portable. 

How to Play:  The game is played with four people, two per team.  A team consists of a “thrower” and a “deflector” on each side.  The thrower throws the KanJam flying disc and the deflector helps to score points by redirecting the KanJam flying disc.  The first team to score EXACTLY 21 points wins!  A team can also get an instant win if the thrower throws the KanJam flying disc directly into the slot without any help.  There are four ways to score which are explained below:

  • 1 Point - “Dinger” or Redirected Hit - The thrower throws the disc and the deflector deflects the disc to hit the side of the goal.
  • 2 Points – “Duece” or Direct Hit from Thrower - The thrower throws the disc and hits the side of the goal without any help from the deflector.
  • 3 Points – “Bucket” or Slam Dunk - The thrower throws the disc and the deflector helps in redirecting the disc into the goal through the top opening or through the front slot.
  • Instant Win – The thrower throws the disc directly into the slot in front of the goal.

You can order the KanJam Game Set directly from their site or you can find a location near you.

Bottom Line:  Want to enjoy the outdoors by playing a fun game with friends and family?  Join the KanJam craze that’s taking over America!

Giveaway Time:  KanJam is giving one lucky reader their very own Game Set!

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  1. Where do you post the winners to various giveaways? Or do you contact the winners?

    1. Winners are posted on the Rafflecopter widget. I also email all winners.