Thursday, February 28, 2013

Speck: CandyShell Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 & Fab Shell Burton Case for iPhone 5

My husband and I recently upgraded our smartphones.  Eric got the iPhone 5 and I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Both phones are amazing and we knew we wanted reliable cases to protect our pricey investments.

We did a review on a Speck case for our old iPhone 4 and loved it.  We were thrilled to hear that Speck was going to be sending us two new cases to test out.

Eric loves the Fab Shell Burton Case for the iPhone 5.  This case comes in four hot patterns.  We received the Prince of Wales/Black.  This attractive one-piece plaid pattern looks really cool and is an unexpected touch on a phone case.  There appears to be a clear coating on the fabric to prevent it from getting dirty.  This case design collaborates with Burton's team and matches their 2013 apparel line.

The case was so easy to put on and is very form-fitting.  The iPhone 5 is slim and this case adds very minimal bulk with maximum protection.  A slim case for a slim phone.

The rubberized screen bezel helps to protect the front of the phone in case of drops or if it's placed faced down on a surface.  Your side buttons will be protected with rubberized button covers.

We also were sent the Matte ShieldView for iPhone 5.  The package includes three screen protectors.  These help protect against smudges, scratches and blemishes.  Glare and fingerprints are no match for these protectors.  Keep your phone looking like new with the ultra-thin matte ShieldView.

The CandyShell for Samsung Galaxy S3 definitely does not disappoint.  My phone is very protected in the CandyShell and it's exactly what I was looking for.  Many cases I was finding online did not cover the top and bottom of the Galaxy S3.  If my phone was dropped on one of those two places, it would surely endure some damage.  This was definitely not something I wanted to experience.

The CandyShell protects the entire perimeter of the phone and has rubberized button covers on both sides.  A raised screen bezel protects the front of the phone.

This case features a patented dual-layer one-piece design that combines a rubbery shock-absorption layer on the inside and a sleek, glossy, hard case on the outside.  I like that this combines the two all-in-one.  I've tried other cases that come in two separate pieces and was pleased to see that the CandyShell design is meshed together.  This makes it a cinch to put on.  I had it installed in seconds.

The glossy outer shell slides in and out of my pocket with ease.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a slim, sleek phone.  This case adds a minimal amount of depth to the phone, but nothing that stands out as being bulky or uncomfortable to hold.

The CandyShell is offered in a nice variety of attractive two-toned color pattern combinations.

Hooray for quality smartphone cases!  We trust the craftsmanship and designs Speck offers and encourage you all to get your hands on a Speck case for yourself.

Complimentary product provided to me from Speck.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I would love the CandyShell Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Giveaway! ;)