Monday, February 18, 2013

Marz Sprays: Healthy Oral Sprays

If you're one of the million that has difficulty or cannot swallow pills, you'll definitely want to learn about the company, Marz Sprays.  Their line of oral sprays offer a better delivery system than traditional pills, capsules, powders or shots.  Marz Sprays are in liquid form and are already disintegrated which makes them ready to be absorbed.  They contain no binders, fillers, excipients or glue.

It all began with their Slim Spray, a product designed to help patients lose weight.  After hearing such great testimonials, they decided to develop their own line of five of oral sprays to help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

CSpray allows you to take your daily dose of vitamins on the go!  CSpray includes a mega dose of of vitamin C and echinacea, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.  This spray also helps manage stress, maintains radiant skin and increases vitality.

This great tasting spray is sugar and gluten free.  

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night?  Sleep Spray will help you rest peacefully with its unique delivery system.  This Gaba rich spray also includes melatonin and valerian root.  Use this before going to sleep each day to aid with sleep assistance on the go.

Marz Sprays also has a Kids Spray!  This multi-vitamin spray will keep your kids healthy.  Forget those pills!  Many children hate swallowing them.  This spray gives your kids essential vitamins and loads of real fruits and vegetables.

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