Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elf Magic: Frankie & Nick are back!

Our holiday season is complete now that Frankie and Nick are back!  Yippee!  My kids sure did miss them throughout the year!  And they brought their reindeer friends with them.  Even more visitors from the North Pole - what a special treat!

Our darling little elves paid us a visit after Thanksgiving.  My kids discovered them in the freezer having a party with the ice cubes.

Since they've been here, our nights have never been the same.  So far they've played Go Fish together under the Christmas Tree while snacking on a bowl of pretzels.  My kids have found them hanging out on the sofa playing the Wii.  They've hung from ceiling fans, made their way outside into the cold and even had a silly string fight!

One night they made snowflakes out of the last of our cotton swabs and drew funny faces on our pictures with a dry erase marker!

Frankie and Nick are sure busy while we're all asleep!  It's so exciting to see what they'll do next.  I'll keep you posted on their elfcapades!

Complimentary elves were sent to us from Santa.  All opinions are my own.

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