Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Speck: SmartFlex Card iPhone 4/4S Case

Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 4/4S Case - Another PERFECT iPhone case!  I don't like carrying too many items in my pants pocket because I think it just looks plain sloppy.  Usually, I have my iPhone, driver's license, ATM card, and a credit card in my pocket.  The issue is, when I pull my phone out, my cards come falling onto the ground.  The Speck SmartFlex Card is the solution to my problem!   With this case, there is a built in slot that fit all three cards nicely.  The cards fit nice and snug and are easy to take out when needed.

This resilient polymer case encloses the back and the sides of the phone.  The buttons are easy and comfortable to operate.  Your phone will surely be protected from accidental dropping, which you don't want to happen without a case from Speck!  

Bottom Line - If you want to protect your iPhone 4/4S while also securely carrying your important cards such as a driver's license and a couple of other ATM/credit cards, this speck SmartFlex Card iPhone case is for you!  If you're looking for any type of case to protect your Apple product, Speck will have what you need!

Complimentary product provided to me from Speck.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love it but still want to put it on my bag lol
    Happy thanksgiving <3