Monday, October 15, 2012

SOUND+SLEEP: Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System - Nomad Travel Version {Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY}

SOUND+SLEEP Nomad, Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System - At last, I've found restful sleep!  Before using the SOUND+SLEEP Nomad, it would take me at least 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep as I tossed and turned in bed.  Now it takes me 5 minutes to fall asleep as my ears are filled with the relaxing sounds of the ocean, rain, waterfall, meadow, brook, or noises.  My mind journeys to the SoundStory location where my body finds peace, and I can't help but fall asleep immediately.  When I wake up in the morning I feel so refreshed and find myself having lots of energy to last throughout the day.

The speakers used in the SOUND+SLEEP Nomad are high quality.  Sounds replicated are so crisp and realistic.  When you close your eyes it's as if you are really there.  What makes this sound therapy system stand out from the rest is the innovative "Adaptive" setting.  When turned on, it senses surrounding noises and amplifies the SoundStory to ensure you hear your chosen SoundStory and nothing else.

Click here to hear the high -definition sample sounds.

I was able to test the adaptive feature recently at a hotel for several days.  My room happened to be next to the elevators and people constantly passed my room to get to the ice machine.  Without the sound soother turned on, I could hear people talking , footsteps, and the ice machine being used.

Once I turned on my nomad, all I could hear was the SoundStory I chose and nothing else.  Each time there is noise outside my door, the sound soother sensed it and amplified my SoundStory so I didn't hear any other ambient noises that would disrupt my rest.  It even amplfies my SoundStory when my wife is preparing for bed in our bathroom. 

The SOUND+SLEEP Nomad is the portable model and measures 5.4" x 4.6" x 2.5".  It's so easy to use, convenient to travel with and I love its simplicity.  There are only 7 buttons located on the front that controls power, volume, timer, SoundStory, adaptive, and richness.  Power and volume are self explanatory, but below shows what the other controls do:
  • Timer shuts off automatically in 30/60/90 minutes.
  • SoundStory toggles through the various sounds: ocean, rain, waterfall, meadow, brook, and noises
  • Adaptive feature listens to ambient noises and raises or lowers the volume to ensure you only hear the SoundStory you have selected
  • Richness allows a sounds to be dynamically mixed which avoids repetition and has 4 settings:  High, Medium, Low, and Off.  The "High" setting allows for a complex SoundStory which adds other sounds such as a fog horn and the occasional barking sea lion in the ocean SoundStory and the lower the setting, the less complex the SoundStory is.
Three power options include the use of two AA batteries, AC operations with built-in battery back-up, and USB power adapter.  Other useful  features include: external audio mode which enables you to listen to an MP3 player, tablet, PC, and any other audio source from any device with a standard headphone or line-out connector.

Bottom Line - If you want peaceful sleep and want to wake up feeling refreshed, the SOUND+SLEEP Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System is just what you need!  It's simple to use, portable, and can also be used to amplify several of your other electronics such as your PC, MP3 player, or tablet.  These Nomad would also make an excellent holiday gift this year.

Giveaway Time:  SOUND+SLEEP is generously giving one Nomad Travel Version Sleep Therapy System to one lucky reader!  A $149 value!  It's time to sleep better without a prescription!

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Complimentary product provided to me from SOUND+SLEEP.  All opinions are my own.


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  2. This sounds like a wonderful product!

  3. I learned that it adjusts the sound levels from "listening" to your enviroment

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  4. SOUND+SLEEP helps you achieve a rich, natural drug-free son could really use this...

  5. I think this is just what I've been looking for. I used something similar for several years and couldn't sleep without it after a while. I think it's great that you can travel with it. It isn't so bulky that it would take up much space....awesome product!

  6. I liked the way they laid out the fact that many people rely on medication to sleep when there is a natural way to help people relax and sleep more comfortably. This would also eliminate so many other health issue that can arise with medication. I also like that it is portable and can move with you.