Thursday, September 6, 2012

Joi the Koi Gets a New Home: Great book for kids

My daughter is a huge book worm.  A new book is always a special treat.  She was thrilled to read Joi the Koi Gets a New Home by Devon Anthony and illustrated by Gwen Clifford.

This sweet book encourages self-esteem, helps with counting and telling time and offers cool "Fun Fish Facts" about owning a fish as a pet.  

Joi is a Japenese Koi fish who learns patience and faith as she waits for that special someone to buy her and take her home.  It's not easy being left behind when all of her friends are picked, but the voice inside her head helps her have faith that the situation isn't permanent.  Joi keeps up her positive attitude, and it pays off in the end.  It's definitely worth the wait to find that perfect friend.

My daughter also loves fish so this was such a fun book for her to read.  I love that this book teaches children wonderful life lessons with bright and beautiful illustrations throughout.

Complimentary product provided to me .  All opinions are my own.

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