Monday, June 18, 2012

Simple Shapes: From modern wall decals to home and office furnishings

Can I get a wow?!  The wall decals from Simple Shapes are to die for.  If you're looking for a fabulous tree wall decal, I would definitely look to Simple Shapes.

This modern and chic company was founded in 2009 by a husband and wife couple with degree's in Architecture and Graphic Design.  All of their wall decals are made on site in Fairview, NJ.  Their office includes a design studio and showroom where they conduct photo shoots and test wall decals.

This company quickly rose to be Etsy's top children's wall decal seller with more than 11,500 sales to date.  As a top seller on Etsy, this couple experienced many expecting mothers who were starting to put together their baby's nursery.  They chose their wall decal designs as a starting point and asked them for recommendations on furniture and accessories.  This is why Simple Shapes has decided to select a few boutique brands of children's furniture and accessories to carry on their website.

You will also see that Simple Shapes caters to home, home office and commercial office spaces with their Chalkboard and Dry Erase designs.

I am smitten with the Birch Tree with Owl and Birds decal.  You can customize the colors to suit your needs.    You will receive three trees, leaves, an owl and four birds.

The overall size is 108"h.  The total width will depend on how you choose to place your trees.  The top or bottom can be trimmed to fit your wall perfectly.  The leaves, owl and birds area separate decals so you arrange them to your liking.

This Cherry Blossom Tree decal would look amazing in a nursery or anywhere else in your home!  You will receive a tree, large cherry blossom flowers, small cherry blossom flowers and six birds.  The flowers and birds come as separate decals so you can arrange them any way you wish.

The overall size measures 148"w x 87"h.  The tree measures 80"w x 84"h.  

With the purchase of this decal, you will receive a free Jellycat Bunny!  Be sure to enter "FREEJELLY" in the coupon code field at checkout - while supplies last.

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