Thursday, May 10, 2012

School Zone: Math software for kids

It's no secret that my kids love video games.  What kid doesn't?

However, as a responsible mother, I do monitor their time when playing with our Wii and PS3.  If I didn't, they would be using them for hours!

Another thing my kids like to do is play on the computer.  There are so many cool software programs for kids these days.  When my kids spend time on the computer, I want to make sure it's safe first and foremost, and that they're learning something.

School Zone sent over a really great Math Software Program for my daughter.  So far she's had a blast playing it.

This Math 1-2 software takes children on a magical journey to another galaxy.  First and second grade math skills are paired with zaniness and imagination.  Learn place value and how to solve equations in the Bean Works Factory Game.  Practice skip counting and solve addition/subtraction problems in the Swamp Hop Game.  Carefully aim and blast unidentified objects by matching the math problems to the correct answers in the Astrosplat Game.  Earn pieces to build the machine as kids succeed.  Once you have all the pieces matched and collected, the machine comes to life to create a very unique and fun creature.

Check out the video below to see the software in action.

My daughter said these games were really fun.  I watched over her as she made her way through the games and was impressed with the easy navigation and ease of audio guidance.  You also have the option to print progress reports and creatures.

This intergalactic game will leave your kids wanting more.  And what's not to love about games that encourage children to love math.

Recommended for children ages 6-8.

School Zone offers the world's best workbooks, software and flash cards for kids of all ages.  Visit them today to find the perfect products for your family.

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Complimentary product was  provided to me from School Zone for this review. All opinions are my own.

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