Friday, May 11, 2012

Nature-Cide: Eliminate bugs the natural way

As I try my best to live a green lifestyle, there are some products that make me cringe.  Those happen to be bug sprays full of poisonous chemicals.  I basically felt needed a hazmat suit if I wanted to kill a bug.  That's a bit extreme, but the thought of breathing in chemicals or getting it on me made my skin crawl.

I don't have to worry anymore thanks to Nature-Cide.  Their 100% natural products make getting rid of pests a breeze.

Their 32 oz. Outdoor Pest Pesticide & Repellent contains natural ingredients formulated to eradicate and prevent outdoor insects, reptiles and rodents.  I used this on some insects and snails in our yard, and it worked on contact.  This spray is non-staining and perfectly safe for kids and plants.

I love that I can spray this and not worry about our cats.  I always dreaded them walking where I've sprayed in the past and getting chemicals all over their paws.

There isn't a terrible scent associated with this spray.  It has a sort of peppery smell.

There has only been one time when we've had an ant problem in our house, but if they return, they'll be in for it!

Ants be gone with the Ant Pesticipe & Repellent.  This can be used indoors and outdoors.   I used this on a few ants in the backyard, and they were killed on contact.

If you're like me and want 100% natural pesticides to use in and around your home, I encourage you to try Nature-Cide.  I feel safer knowing we have these to use around our kids and pets.

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Complimentary product was  provided to me from Nature-Cide for this review. All opinions are my own.

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