Monday, April 30, 2012

ZeroWater: Filtered Water Pitcher - 2 Winners {Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY}

We all desire clean drinking water, but what do you do if the tap water in your area is contaminated with displeasing deposits?  You either tough it out or spend money on bottled water.  I was buying the bottled stuff, cringing at the thought of spending money on water with each purchase.

Thank goodness I learned about ZeroWater.  ZeroWater filters produce the only filtered water that meets the FDA definition for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in purified bottled water.  You'll get purified-quality water without the high cost and plastic bottles.  It can cost you as little as 50 cents per gallon with the ZeroWater unit.

I live in Central California, and the tap water definitely has a funny taste.  According the to TDS Meter Reading on ZeroWater's website, the score in my area is 174.  A TDS reading of 000 is the ideal FDA recommended score.  We're off by quite a bit here!  Most water in the USA falls into the 051-200 category.  The expected quantity of ZeroWater per filter for this range is 25 to 40 gallons.

When I used the handy TDS Meter that was included with the pitcher, my tap water had a reading of 113 - definitely room for improvement.

After I filtered the water in my ZeroWater pitcher, I'm happy to say that my TDS score is 000.

Thanks to my new 10 cup ZeroWater pitcher, my family can now drink clean and healthy water.  You have no idea who much peace of mind this gives me.

I love the ergonomic design of the pitcher.  It's not too bulky and has a very handy push spout for dispensing.  This is great for younger children or adults who are unable to lift the pitcher themselves.  This spout also worked very well when we wanted to get a glass of water, but the water was still being filtered.  It does take a bit of time to get the water through the filter, but that's to be expected.  The spout is a great feature for kids and for use during the filtering process.

Attaching the filter was a breeze.  All you need to do is tightly screw the filter into the bottom of the reservoir.

There is also a convenient built-in holder for the TDS Meter on the top of the lid.  You'll always know where the meter is to check your TDS reading.  Once your TDS Meter reads 006, it's time to replace your filter.

Our water has never tasted so refreshing and pure thanks to ZeroWater.

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  1. I drink either bottled water when I am able or I will have tap.. It is the least expensive.

  2. I usually just have tap, or get gallon sized jugs of water from the store.

  3. I pains me to say that we by cases of bottled water, what a waste.

    The Rafflecopter calls me 'Margot' since it is accessing my facebook.

  4. I filter tap water but filter is not as nice as zero filter

  5. filtered tap water

  6. unfortunately tap water =| or when im out bottled water but its usually tap water tho =|

  7. I drink water from the gallon jugs...I would love to be more green and have one of these pitchers!
    rebatink at gmail dot com

  8. Most of the time we drink bottled water.