Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ulysses Press: For My Children - A Mother's Journal

Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate moms everywhere.  I should know.  I have a great one.  Without her, where on earth would we I be today?  She always continues to amaze me.

When Mother's Day rolls around, my family sure does know how to shower me with love, but I often think of it as a day to celebrate my children.  If it wasn't for them, I would never be a mother in the first place.  So I like to think of it as a day to celebrate family.  It's a special day when we can all enjoy each others company, reminisce about all of the great years we've had together, and dream about what our future holds.

When I received the mother's journal, For My Children, I was left in awe.  This hardcover journal is so unbelievably special, and I just knew it was something I wanted to fill out for my own kids.

Last year I started a personal blog for my kids.  I highlight special days, vacations, birthdays and awards so they can read it later and know how much each day spent with them was a gift.

This journal is yet another way that I can express my true love for them.  It will be extra special because it will be handwritten by me.  I've made a promise to myself that I will fill out portions of this journal each and every night.

Inside you'll find lovely illustrations and plenty of blank space to write down your thoughts.

With creative prompts such as:
  • What would you have changed about your journey as a mother so far?  
  • What are your most beloved family treasures, and where did they come from?  
  • How have you pursued happiness? 
  • In what ways have you had to stand up for yourself or others?  
  • If life had a rewind button, what moments would you like to relive?
I know I'll be deep in thought with this journal.  There are a ton of questions that I cannot wait to answer.  This is important advice that I want my children to know.  I look forward to the day when I get to give this to my kids.  I may even get another one so I can give one to each of my children.

This Mother's Day, give this unforgettable gift for your mom.  This journal would also make an incredible baby shower gift for the mother-to-be!

Complimentary product was  provided to me from Ulysses Press for this review. All opinions are my own.

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