Monday, April 16, 2012

Haagen-Dazs: Limited Edition Ice Cream Flavors

The limited edition flavors from Haagen-Dazs are absolutely without a doubt some of the best ice cream flavors I've ever had.

Wowzers, my husband and I have truly been enjoying these delicious treats.  I tried to hide them from the kids, but my plan failed.  They found them and begged us for more!

My favorite was the coconut macaroon.  I'm not a coconut person so that's really saying something!  Soft, chewy pieces of coconut macaroon cookies are surrounded by coconut ice cream.  This flavor was very light and refreshing. Available through September.

My husband really loved the spiced caramel biscuit.  Who am I fooling - I loved it too.  Sugary, crunchy cinnamon-sparked biscuits are blended with caramel vanilla ice cream.  It's to die for.  Available through December.

Chocolate truffles are married with sweet-cream ice cream and ribbons of rich salted caramel.  This makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  The salted caramel truffle is truly a delight.  Available through December.

The vanilla bean espresso is a nice change from your traditional vanilla.  Espresso is swirled into creamy, vanilla ice cream.  It's a great flavor for you vanilla/coffee lovers!  Available through December.

Be sure to check out these limited edition flavors from Haagen-Dazs the next time you're at the store.  I promise you.  They do not disappoint.

Complimentary product was provided to me from Haagen-Dazs for this review.  All opinions are my own. 


  1. I'd love to try the salted caramel truffle...looks so good!

  2. spiced caramel biscuit--wow, that sounds different and good!