Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spark Box: Personalized educational toys delivered right to your doorstep

When my kids were little, I really wish I had access to Spark Box.  This company is absolutely brilliant.  Just tell them about your child, and they will personalize a box for you with 4 or more educational toys.  Your child plays with the toys for 4 weeks and then return it back to the company.  It's that easy!  Shipping and sanitizing costs are on them!

Sample Spark Box for a 12-month old

Children outgrow toys so fast.  This is a great way to save, de-clutter, and keep your child engaged at every stage of their development.  The average value of a Spark Box is over $120!  For the price of a single toy, Spark kids are getting 4 expert recommended toys.  No more second guessing and wasting time looking for the right toys.  Spark Box Toys does the work for you.

Sample Spark Box for a 24-month old

Play is so important in a child's life.  It is the very fuel children use to explore the world, develop their mind, relate to others, solve problems, acquire skills and gain confidence in themselves.  Spark Box aims to foster a well-rounded education curriculum infusing each Spark Box across diverse skills, varying engagement levels and activity categories.  Their skills are broken down into Motor, Social/Emotional, Linguistic and Cognitive categories.  Their learning types include:  Audial, Visual and Kinesthetic.

High quality, award winning toys aren't always found on the shelves of a big box store - in fact - they rarely are.  After scouring over 4,000 toys from specialty toy makers and boutique brands from all over the world, Spark Box Toys has put together a toy collection that is unique to their concept.
  • Out of the 29 brands they work with, only 8 can be found at Toys R Us
  • Out of the 225 toys they have selected, their toys have collectively won 157 global toy awards
  • Their team has put together over 750 proprietary "play time ideas" to pair with their toys that help parents optimize the learning and play value of the toys
Spark Box takes safety and cleanliness very seriously!  All of their toys go through a 5-step cleaning process that includes surface cleaning, sterilization, disinfecting, inspection and vacuum sealing.

What you'll find in every box:
  • Developmentally personalized educational toys
  • Services Overview with their support and contact information
  • Detailed product card for every toy that includes:  development benefits for each toy, proprietary playtime ideas, product description and materials and any safety precautions/warnings
  • Battery pack (for any electronic toys)
  • Mesh toy sac (for safekeeping of toy pieces)
  • Fed Ex return label
So how much does it cost?
  • A box every 8 weeks - $22.95 mo.
  • A box every 6 weeks - $27.95 mo. ~ most popular!
  • A box every 4 weeks - $34.95 mo.
2 month commitment, then cancel anytime.  Shipping is always free.

With a simple monthly membership, you will receive high-quality learning toys selected by experts and tailored to your child's developmental needs.  All of their toys encourage outdoor exploration, frequent exercise, healthy eating and promote self-confidence.

Join Spark Box today in their quest to nuture and promote healthy emotional, cognitive and linguistic development in your child.

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