Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elf Magic: We have visitors!

My kids wrote a letter to Santa asking him to send one of his super magical elves. Sure enough, my kids have been blessed with two sweet little visitors this Christmas season. Santa sent over two of his helpful elves to keep my kids company. Meet Nick and Frankie, and boy are they cute!

On the first night of their arrival, they had a fun time playing with our PS3. My kids awoke to find Frankie and Nick challenging each other to a game of PacMan. They also got into a little bit of leftover Halloween candy. Elves are known to have a sweet tooth!

Each night my kids leave out crackers and ice water which reminds them of crunching snow and the North Pole. So far my children have found the elves hugging each other in the freezer, hanging off our chandelier, hiding in their stockings, and much more! Boy are they full of energy when we're all fast asleep! They are known to go on "elfcapades" when no one is around. They even TP'd my son and daughter's room. Now that was FUN to see in the morning! What a surprise!

My kiddos will be sad to see them go back to their home to help Santa on Christmas Eve. However, they have been invited back next year during the holidays, and maybe, just maybe, they'll visit on birthdays and special occasions. Wouldn't that be fun!

Complimentary elves were sent to us from Santa. All opinions are my own.

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