Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pure Integrity Soy Candles: The Finest Soy Candles Around

I really love having soy candles around the house.  Not only do they smell wonderful, but they are clean burning for my family.  Pure Integrity Soy Candles offers some really wonderful scents such as peppermint, hot apple strudel and the intriguing chai latte.  I really want to try that one!

Each of their candles has two natural cotton wicks, excluding the 5 oz. size.  You can even view the strength of each fragrance to fit your needs.

Read a bit more about this company:

Pure Integrity Soy Candles are scented above & beyond your best scented candle! Our soy candles burn clean, last long and utilize all the wax in the jar. Our innovative fragrance technology, enables us to create incredibly strong scented and great performing soy candles!

Our soy candle fragrances are petroleum, alcohol, and Phthalate free. That means . . .exceptionally, strong, pure, and amazingly realistic fragrances for you to enjoy! The finest soy candles around!

Sugared Spruce Scented Candles - The natural, pleasant scent of pine with a touch of sugar for added sweetness. A very unique and masterfully designed fragrance. A stunning choice for the winter season.

Summer Bouquet Scent Strength ~ Very Strong ~ Fill large areas

Vanilla Almond Scented Candles - Alluring creamy, vanilla beautifully combined with oven roasted almonds. Irresistibly wonderful!

Vanilla Scent Strength ~ Very Strong ~ Fill large areas

Head over to Pure Integrity Soy Candles to start shopping for the holidays today!

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