Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maple Sugar Lane: The perfect headband for the holidays

I adore this Black Headband with Red Felt Rose Flower Blossoms from the darling Etsy shop, Maple Sugar Lane.  The red really pops, and it's a gorgeous color.  My seven-year-old daughter can wear this and so can I.  It fits us both and looks so cute.  I'll have to sneak it away from her every once in a while. 

This headband is handmade with care and love.  There is such detail in the high-quality felt roses.  And at only $5.95, you can't go wrong.  What a fantastic price for such a gorgeous piece.

Choose from a flat black or black satin headband.  I have the satin version, and it looks so lovely and elegant.

Love it, but need a different color combination?  Contact this wonderful shop for custom orders.  Be sure to check out all of their unique hair accessories.  They really are something else.

Right now you can take 10% OFF your first order with the discount code ROCK10 at checkout.

Complementary product was provided to me from Maple Sugar Lane for this review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. that is so flippin' cute!!! When my daughter was lil I used to put these on her-they'd stay on just long enough for a pix LOL

  2. It's craz but it seems like Luann G. wins just about half your giveaways. I enter every single one also...she must be one luck lady.

  3. I'm sorry if that frustrates you. I use for all winners. If it happens to be the same winner, I do not choose another as I am an honest, fair blogger.

  4. Here are the winner lists for anyone that chooses to take a look:

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