Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BikeGlow Safety Light: Be safe!

I can't tell you how many cyclists are out there that don't have lights!  It drives me crazy!  They're normally riding in the dark without reflectors, reflective clothing, etc.  They are an accident waiting to happen.  If more riders had the BikeGlow Safety Light, they would be much, much safer and highly visible. 

The BikeGlow™ Safety Light provides 360 degree biking visibility. Running on 2-AA batteries, the BikeGlow™ frame light is a 10' waterproof light tube that securely attaches to your bike's frame. It features three lighting modes: Steady, Slow Flash, Fast Flash. So whether cars are behind you, in front of you, or coming from the side, you remain highly visible and much safer!
"Glow is Gear!"

Get this light in 8 different colors! 

If you or someone you know needs this added safety when riding, don't hesitate to consider the BikeGlow Safety Light.  It's not only extremely helpful, but cool to look at, too!

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