Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm keeping my kids ACTIVE this summer!

The key to keeping me sane this summer AND making sure my kids don't complain of boredom is SUMMER ACTIVITIES!  We have signed up our kids for plenty and they are so excited to start them all.

My son started tennis camp on Monday.  He LOVES it and it's so good for him!

My daughter is going to start golf lessons on Saturday.  She can't wait.

My daughter is taking a drawing class once a week at one of our local art galleries. She is such a little artist and I'm looking forward to seeing her masterpieces.

I've enrolled them both in swimming lessons to perfect their strokes, etc.  My son is a fish and can stay in the pool all day.

My son is going to a one-week science camp at our college here in town.  I think it's going to be really cool.

They're also taking a kids fitness class two times a week at our gym to get their hearts pumping and little bodies moving. 

I think it's such a shame to see kids planted in front of the television all day during their summer breaks!  I know activities cost money and it definitely can get pricey, but if you can't afford to enroll them in anything, make sure you take them to the park, go on nature walks, visit the library, go for a bike ride - get them outside so they can run and play.  Summer should be fun and rewarding for all!

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