Monday, May 23, 2011 World's Greatest TV Dad

I never knew how much I would enjoy being a father until my son was born.  It was a life changing experience.  My entire world turned upside down and now a new little life was dependent on me.  I would be the one to show him what being a real man was all about.  To me, being a man means taking care of my family, showing my wife just how much I appreciate and love her and setting a good example for my children.  When my daughter was born two years later, I felt the exact same way.  A new life now counted on me.  I had to be the best dad I could be for both of my children. 

What TV dad do you look up to?  My wife and I love the hit comedy show, Modern Family.  Phil Dunphey is hilarious.  My wife comments on how goofy he his, yet he has a heart of gold.  I really enjoy his sense of humor.  You have to have one when you're parenting children.  I like to have fun with my kids.  It's all about laughter and having a good time.  Growing up without a lot of laughter in my childhood has encouraged me to bring out the joy in my own children.

Dads are important people! is now holding a "World's Greatest TV Dad" contest.  You can vote as many times as you like.  Each new round of voting begins every Monday morning and ends Sunday night.  The champion will be announced on June 17th.   

I hope you go to check out all the TV dads and start voting.  Wishing you all a fun Father's Day with your family.

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