Tuesday, May 10, 2011

eGift Social: The easy way to give - Great for Father's Day and Grads!

This is a really cool concept and something that you must know about!  eGifting - the easy way to give.  I am really into this new trend through Facebook and email.  It's great for all you busy parents out there and such a nice treat for someone to receive.  Be sure to keep eGifting in mind for Father's Day and graduation this year!

I received a $10 Sephora eGift through email.  All I had to do what type in my email address and the word verification code.  I was then directed to a page to print out with an account number and pin.  Now all I need to do is take the printout to my local Sephora store and start shopping!  It doesn't get any easier.

The new trend of "eGifting" on Facebook now enables you to gift an item-sized gift such as an Ice Cream Cone from Culver's or keep it simple with a gift card for any special occasion from Kmart, FYE or Sears. 

Innovative application from First Data that lets people quickly and easily send real gift items (like an ice cream treat) from some of their favorite stores to their friends on Facebook or by e-mail.  Friends are notified by e-mail, Facebook wall posts or both.  The message includes an account number that is redeemable for a real gift at participating merchant locations.

Dad's and Grad's gifts made quick, personal and INSTANT.  eGift is a virtual gift card that is convenient and customizable with eGift Social, an application that allows you to send a "real-life" affordable, yet meaningful gift by easily accessing the eGift Social Facebook page using a computer or web-enabled mobile device.  See below for some eGifting ideas!

  • The Handyman at Kmart:  Is your Dad always hammering away on a new project?  Surprise him with an eGift so he can get a new tool set at Kmart to really get his summer deck in shape this year!
  • Techie Tech at FYE:  A dream come true for the technology-enamored dad is a trip to FYE.  Dad can use that eGift card to upgrade his plasma TV, scoop up a GPS navigator or purchase a webcam for when he's traveling.
  • Fore! At Sears:  Dads can perfect their drives this Father's Day and beyond with an eGift from Sears to purchase that perfect set of clubs for multiple rounds at championship golf courses.
  • Burger Buddy at Burger King:  Let Dad be "the King" on Father's Day!  Does he always crave a flame-broiled burger, tomato, crispy lettuce, creamy mayo, ketchup, crunchy pickles and onions on a toasted sesame seed bun?  Send him an eGift from Burger King so he can enjoy the "flame grilled" goodness.
  • Bookworm at FYE:  New grads will be taking a break from the school work and making the transition at home for the summer.  Help them swap out Trigonometry and let them dive into some easy reading; give them an eGift card to FYE for electronic eBook to bring to the beach.
  • The Fashionista at Dots or Sears:  Parents may know the latest when it comes to finances or health but understanding the latest teen styles are not easy.  This is where an eGift comes to the rescue.  Let your teen spoil themselves and give your fashionista an eGift to Dots or Sears and let him or her pick the hottest new jacket or must-have purse to get ready for the summer.
  • Chill Out at Cold Stone:  Reward your graduate and scoop up a cool treat with summer around the corner, eGift a "Gotta Have It" ice cream creation from Cold Stone Creamery.  Let them add a wide variety of mix-ins, combined to create a personalized ice cream experience or pick from Cold Stone's signature creations Cooking Doughn't You Want Some or All Lovin' No Oven.
Consumers access the First Data eGift Social application through each merchant's Facebook page or website and select one or multiple friends to send gifts to; either by adding them from Facebook or entering their e-mail addresses.  The sender selects which item-level product or virtual gift card they would like their friend to receive, adds a personal message and proceeds through the secure checkout process.  The recipient receives a Facebook message, e-mail or both, with an alert that they have received a gift, the account number and redemption instructions.  Visiting the respective participating merchant location, the recipient redeems the eGift item by using the account number at the point of sale.  Consumers can also access the service directly at eGift Social.

Complimentary product was provided to me from eGift Social  for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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