Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nahui Ollin: Candy Wrapper Bags

Did you ever think recycled candy wrappers could look like this?!?

Nahui Ollin (pronounced now-we-oh-lean) is an eco-friendly company that is chic and innovative!  The designer, Olga Abadi, discovered the ancient Mayan technique of binding everyday materials into handbags at a cultural festival in Mexico.  The rest is history...the Nahui Ollin candy wrapper handbag was born.

This company has a mission - provide ethical and fashionable items to our growing following of "conscious" fashionistas. 

Defective candy wrappers are used to make each unique bag.  It can take up to four thousand candy wrappers and four days for an individual artisan to create one bag.  WOW...  No two bags are alike.  You definitely get a one-of-a-kind product.

All of their goods are produced under Fair Trade and Sweatshop free practices in Mexico.  Their growing family of upcycling partners include Tootsie, Disney, Hershey's, pez and Target.  With each sale, local artisans are able to care for their families and land.

Check back each week for specials and new styles each season!  With Earth Day approaching, Nahui Ollin is the perfect company!

Check out their Arm Candy Collection.  These clutches are so fun!  How can you resist?  You can view all of their collections here.

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