Thursday, April 21, 2011 Pure online fun for kids! is a futuristic online adventure packed with wacky aliens, high-tech gadgets and, of course, math!

As new recruits at the prestigious Blaster Academy, your kids will play arcade-style math games and race through high-speed missions with the help of a cast of characters that are out of this world! After learning the ropes in Blaster Academy, new cadets will join the Intergalactic Space Patrol (ISP), an elite team of Blasters sworn to explore and protect even the furthest galaxies and deepest black holes of the universe. Armed with the most advanced gadgets and fine-tuned math skills, the cadets of the ISP will travel to exotic new planets, discover bizarre alien races and face extraordinary challenges!

My kids really enjoy playing this entertaining game.  There are different levels for them to choose from and it's been a great way to strengthen their math skills at home.  I love that they are having fun while educating themselves in a safe online environment.  Math Blaster keeps them entertained, challenges them and keeps them wanting more! It's no wonder this game has won over 65 awards!

How does it work?

After registering and installing our 3D engine, Unity, simply launch the game and let your kids explore the planets and galaxies of Math Blaster!

Is it Safe?

Absolutely. Over the past 25 years, the Math Blaster brand has earned the trust of over 10 million parents and teachers by providing safe, age-appropriate games for kids. is no exception. Parental controls, canned chat and pre-programmed names ensure that kids are completely safe and cannot share any personal information.

Be sure to check out Math Blaster for your kids!

Complimentary product was provided to me from Math Blaster for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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