Monday, April 4, 2011

I'd like to know...

How many stay at home moms are out there?  I get to stay home with my kids right now and I find it extremely rewarding.  Any thoughts?  If you're at home too, was this an easy choice for you?

My mom worked outside the home throughout my childhood and she did an exceptional job raising my brother and me.  I always figured I would work, but I keep coming back to the idea of staying home.  Ever since my children were born, I've never had a full-time job.  I did work part-time for a while.

I can't imagine not picking up my kids from school and being with them when they get home.  With my kids being (almost) 7 and 9, I don't want their childhood to slip by.  So much has gone by already!

However, moms who work outside the home do a phenomenal job raising children, too.  My mom is the perfect example of that.


  1. I was a working single mom from the time my son was 6 weeks old until
    I became disabled when he was 7. I spent a year home with 2 back surgeries then went back to work for another 3 years until I again became disabled again. I have been home since then. When I worked, I had a nanny and preschool until he was school-age then a nanny for weekends and holidays and before and after school care at the school as long as I worked. I am/was a nurse so had to always have extra help for off-shifts/weekends/holidays. The childcare I had was excellent.

    My son has ADHD/OCD and ODD among other things and grew up before Autism spectrum disorder was an available diagnosis so probably actually had that. His was a difficult childhood so I am glad his childcare worked out so well.

    When I became disabled and became a stay-at-home mom it was when his psychological problems were increasing so it came at an opportune time in that sense and thankfully I could be home.

    He is now a wonderful man. So, things worked out well and we are best friends.

  2. Linda, thank you very much for sharing your story with me! I'm so glad that the two of you are best friends. My mom and I are best friends too and it's a wonderful relationship to have and share together.