Friday, April 15, 2011

Flower Tots: FREE SHIPPING for one week!

I love any great company that is started by creative moms.  Flower Tots offers a unique selection of baby accessories.  When you visit their website, you can tell that these two moms truly care about their business and products. 

Read more about them below:

From the Ground Up...

That's literally how we started.  Being an entrepreneur wasn't on either of our radars, but soon became our passion. After a long dreary winter, we welcomed spring by taking our babies for daily walks in the sunshine - and very quickly noticed that we were spending more time stopping to pick up tossed toys, blankets and pacifiers than we did actually walking. Which led us to start a search for fun, functional and beautiful ways to keep these items on the strollers - instead of on the ground.  Sounds easy enough - until we started looking, and couldn't find anything that would suit our babies' needs and stay true to our need to be stylish and sophisticated. Because after all, our fashion sense doesn't have to be abandoned just because we're moms, right?

After several unsuccessful searches in stores and online, we realized that perhaps we had stumbled onto an opportunity; and put our heads together to create Flower Tots - a line of hip and trendy baby (and kids) accessories that would appeal to a baby's sense of play...and a mom's sense of style. With our children as our inspiration (and our testing team), we put our years of sound business experience and exciting ideas together, and began creating soft tag blankets, lush crib blankets, and hip and trendy pacifier straps, toy tethers, mitten clips and more. 

The best part? Because we're moms - and we're creating these products for our own children - we're extremely sensitive about the materials we use, and are careful to only source high quality, lush fabrics and ribbon, non-toxic, lead free metal hardware and of course, patterns that are stylish and easy to coordinate.  The hard part? Too many great fabric choices...and figuring out how to balance the demands of motherhood (one of us is a brand new mom and the other is juggling both a pre-schooler AND a baby), marriage and a budding business.

It took a little while, a lot of trial-and-error, and more take out dinners than we'd like to admit to, but we've come up with a system that works: one of us handles the manufacturing side, and the other handles the marketing and promotion. And we multitask. Playdates, coffee dates and walks are now "working sessions" where we can look at patterns, shop for materials, plan upcoming shows and events - and even update our Facebook page.  It's been a slow process, but we're excited to see the results - and the hip babies out there wearing our products. Most importantly, we're enjoying actually looking ahead when we walk, instead of at the ground. We may have started out small, but we have big plans for the future!

Flower Tots currently carries a wide  variety of baby accessories such as, Tag Blankets, Crib Blankets, Pacifier Straps, Toy Tethers, Mitten Clips, Pant Clips, and are working on several new and innovative ideas like toddler and kids aprons. Check us out online at!

Taggie Blankets

Tried, tested and true, our perennials collection of taggies are made from the softest fleece and coordinating grosgrain ribbon and are available in an array of beautiful solid colours. Taggies measure 10" x 10" and the ribbons are triple-stitched to ensure they will not separate or fray.  Care instructions: Machine wash
in cold water on gentle cycle and tumble dry on low.

Toys, teethers and sippy cups are safe at last! Our Forget-Me-Not toy tethers are a must-have for any baby on the go. No more lost, dropped or tossed toys - and no more trips to the toy store to replace a certain expensive giraffe! Stylish patterns and non-toxic, lead free pearl fasteners make these toy tethers as fun to wear as they are to use! Each strap end is stitched and finished to protect them from fraying.

Flower Tots would like to offer you FREE SHIPPING on all items from now until April 22nd.  This deal only lasts for one week so hurry over.  To take advantage of this offer, just skp the "add shipping" button when adding items to your shopping cart. 

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