Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zach's Wax: Colored Hair Gel

Zach's Wax Extreme Color Gel
Extremely Colorful. Extremely Temporary. Extremely Fun.
Colored hair gel? Yup, and it’s water-based and totally temporary. How’s that for kid-friendly fun? This is Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel, a brightly colored temporary hair gel—a dandy little product for family sports fans, a Superhero birthday party or a colorful St. Patrick’s Day celebration.
It comes in nine colors. The product is a gel, not a spray, which makes a styling tool, too. Boys love the “faux-hawk” look. Girls love colors in their braids or ponytails. Moms add a hair dryer to the process for soft colorful streaks.
The product comes in a tube, with a plastic glove and a mascara-like wand for easy application and fast clean-up. And when you’re ready for family hair to be back to normal, the color washes out with only one shampoo.
Here’s another nice thing about Zach’s Wax: it’s is a family-owned business out of Ventura, California, and part of its design is philanthropic. They call it Colors for Causes. They have associated each color with a charitable cause like children’s hospitals, children’s cancer or diabetes, Special Olympics, or autism research. They donate a percentage of their profits from each color to the organization or cause linked to it.
Visit Zach’s Wax and learn more. Check out the gallery of photos in real life. Be sure to plug in code CELEBRATE when you order and get 20% off your purchase price. Hurry! The product ships Priority Mail, so allow for a few days of transit time if want it in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. We LOVE colored hair for our three boys!! And this momma loves giving to charity :) Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Just ordered some for my son and my nieces! How fun and glad it goes to charity!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. That is sooooooo awesome! Thanks for letting me know! I hope they have great fun with it!