Monday, February 28, 2011

6 things I'm loving today

1. My family - every single day I'm in awe with them
2. Mila Kunis' Oscar dress
3. Our Balinese cat, Sophia - what a sweetie and super, super smart!
4. Zumba class
5. The fact that I get to be home with my kids - I wouldn't want any other job in the world.
6. Starbucks coffee


  1. I so agree with your comment about your family. I remember when mine were home - there were so many times I would just sit back and look at them and marvel that the Good Lord would entrust me with them. And also staying home with them - definitely the best job in the whole world!
    Overall I was impressed with dresses last night for their beauty and more modest than some years. Some were not of course, but overall much better.

  2. Thanks for your great comment. I just love staying home with them. I can't imagine not seeing them all the time. There would really be something missing in my life.