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The whole concept behind is brilliant. This all woman company (you go girls!) offers boxes filled with goodies for your kiddos. Give these as birthday presents, get well gifts or to just to show someone you care.

These wonderful boxes appeal to both parents and children. They include no electronic toys. It's time to put away the batteries and get back to simpler, less complicated times. These boxes allow for great parent/child interaction with fun, educational toys. Yes, quiet play time is back!

The whole notion of the mishmoshbox came from a box the company owner's mom used to make for her. It consisted of a shoebox filled with buttons, broken and lost toys along with new toys and various surprises. Her mom would give one to her when she was will, or as a gift, etc.

When her mother passed a few years back, she found many of these toys, untouched, wrapped and new in her garage. The joy of these boxes just came back to her. They were so simple yet so much fun. She remembers playing with the boxes for hours. Now she is sharing her special memories with all of you.

Mishmoshboxes are also available for any custom purpose - bridal showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, pet gifts, baby gifts, the list goes on...
Here is more about this fun company:

The most significant thing about the mishmoshbox is that it's not electronic - at all.

It takes you back to a different time and place yet still is fascinating, interesting and thought-provoking. Additionally, the beauty of it is that it can be updated, by simply adding a few items at a time and then re-introducing it to your child or purchasing our mishmoshbox refill kits.

Wooly Willy, Slinky, Wooden Pull Toys, Sack Racing, 8 Balls, Operation, Jacks, Crooked Cards, Harriet Hair-Doos, TiddlyWinks, Nuts in a Can, Pick up Stix and and many more games from the past will live on in our mishmoshboxes. So enjoy!

Mishmosh is guaranteed to grow with your child, therefore lasting for years to come.

We make every effort here at mishmosh to be constantly inspired by vintage and nostalgia gifts. Besides our mishmoshboxes, we carry Cherry Bomb Vintage and Nostalgia one-of-a-kind Jewelry, all made from family heirlooms. We also carry a line of vintage charms and notions from the 40's and 50's called Treasures from Mama and our exclusive line of nostalgia based Barbie dolls.

One of our most exciting additions is Darling Dress Ups, a line of elegant dress up kits for girls, designed by Betsy Cox who has created timeless illusions for the silver screen for over 30 years.

Check out the selection of boxes here. You'll find a ton of goodies in their store.
Right now with every purchase, you will receive a $25 gift certificate! Your certificate will arrive with your shipment. Start shopping for your next unique and special gift!
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