Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glam-Mother: The new millennium term for "Grandmother"

Glam-Mother: The new millennium term for "Grandmother"

I LOVE IT! My mom would really appreciate that. The word grandmother is a big no-no to her!

Here is a bit more about this fun company:

Have you noticed Baby Boomers have defied every label that marketers and society have put on us? And as women, we’ve come a long way since our grandmothers. We lead active, productive lives, and as much as we love our grandchildren, they no longer define our lives at this age. And let’s face it, “this age” is a lot younger than it used to be!

Glam-Mother Classic Tee

The name Glam-Mother on the front of a soft scoop-neck tee, the back of the tee defines Glam-Mother in black and magenta lettering with lustrous black sequins with magenta embroidery accent stars.

ALSO available in black with silver sequins on the front and magenta embroidery accent stars and back has silver and magenta lettering.
Glam Travel Mug Silver
Stainless steel tumbler with plastic liner, Glam-Mother logo is imprinted on the mug.
So for all you Glam-Mothers out there, here is a special discount created just for you. Take 10% off with the discount code GOGLAM01.
Start 2011 off right by showing the world just how vivacious you truly are!
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