Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eco Friendly Rugs for your own home

Almost every home has a rug, especially if you have wooden floors you can’t imagine them without rugs in winters when the floors get really cold. And, if you’ve kids you don’t want them to roll on floors.
In case you are an eco-friendly person then do not worry there are lot of options for you. You can shop from large collection of rugs made from jute and bamboo at Jute Rug Shop and Bamboo Rugs and Mats.

The option you can consider is a Seagrass rug made from the finest seagrass plants. Eco-friendly rugs not only add more elegance to your rooms but also freshens the air and the overall aura of your home that can’t be achieved by artificial fiber rugs. Plus, eco-friendly rugs are more sustainable and easy to maintain.
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