Monday, January 24, 2011

Dazzling Concepts: Gifts for sick & tired moments in life *mild adult content*

Let's face it ladies. We all live busy lives. We're moving a mile a minute and it's downright exhausting. We all know someone who needs a little pick me up every now and then. Heck, that person may very well be YOU! Check out these great kits from Dazzling Concepts.

Here is a bit more about what this company is all about:

Welcome to Dazzling Concepts, where we offer a collection of unique gifts, apparel and accessories with a sense of humor. Whether you (or someone you know) need to vent, blow off some steam or have a few cocktails ~ we pride ourselves in offering gift ideas to help you deal with the madness. Our humorous gift kits are handpicked and perfect for any Sick & Tired occasion.
Just Freakin Tired of Everything Kit
Car breaks down. Client presentation you prepped all night for gets cancelled. Principal calls to say your son is being expelled for fighting. Get a speeding ticket on your way to pick up your son. Rain storm hits your area and you endure a power outage for 2 hours. You sit in the dark drinking a shot of Tequila since today is one of those 'Freakin Tired' of Everything days.

Includes Items to Stop the Madness:

•1 package of 'Oh, Boo-frickin-Hoo' napkins
•1 'Oh, Boo-frickin-Hoo' coaster
•1 Spa bath salts
•Sick & Tired shot glass
•1 'Things I Don't Give a Shit' Notepad
•1 little box of Why I oughta 'Whoop Ass' magnets
•1 'Some Days I'm so Busy I Never Seem to Finish
Anyth' Notepad
•1 Red/white Sick & Tired stress pill reliever
Sick & Tired of Dating or Being Single Kit

Would you love to create the perfect gentleman who's responsible, wealthy, good looking and has awesome bedroom skills? Guess what? He does exist, but lives inside your wine bottle! In the meantime, take matters in your own hands with this kit.

Includes Items for Exquisite Pleasure:

•1 Lipstick Waterproof Mini Vibrator
•1 Velvet Jewels Black Vibrator in velvet pouch
•1 package of 'Top 5 Reasons Women Drink' napkins
•1 'Top 5 Reasons Women Drink' notepad
•1 'Better than a Boyfriend' soap
•1 pack of 'Nope, not married yet' chewing gum
•1 'Saving up for a Rich Husband' Tin bank

I bet you can think of someone to give one or both of these kits to! Be sure to visit Dazzing Concepts to take 20% OFF your order with the discount code: DC32010.
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