Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Okay, The Funky Monkey is finally on Facebook! Hip Hip Hooray! However, I need HELP! I'm sure many of you have your own personal Facebook pages or have one for your website. I cannot choose my username, but I read somewhere that I have to have at least 25 fans to do so. I'm confused...any help you can give would be MUCH appreciated! What's the whole create a profile? Profile/Username...huh?

Click here to go to my page that I'm assuming I set up correctly.

ALSO, be sure to add one extra entry to each giveaway. Liking me on Facebook is now an additional optional entry. Good luck!

I hope to see you all join me on Facebook. Thank you so very much for your support!


  1. Hi Jennifer, okay so I'm doing it right?!? I feel so out of it.

  2. After you have 25 fans you can change the url so it just has The Funky Monkey and get rid of all the numbers that are currently in the url. But the way it is now works fine, in fact lots of people never bother to change their fan page urls.

  3. Anne, thank you so very much for the clarification! I'm glad someone cleared that up for me.