Thursday, December 16, 2010

CamelBak: Groove

CamelBak Groove – Finally, a portable water filter in a 20 oz. bottle! I have always been impressed with Camelbak products and their innovation, but the NEW CamelBak Groove takes the cake. I put filtered water into water bottles to drink when I’m out and about running errands, working, and exercising. Many times, I run out of water and end up purchasing a bottle of water. I bring water from home to save money and with the CamelBak Groove, I will definitely be saving more money on water.

To use the CamelBak Groove, all you do is add tap water into the bottle, firmly screw the lid closed, lift up the Big Bite Valve, and sip. Ensure the bottle is upright; it’s not meant to tilted to drink like a regular water bottle. The CamelBak Groove is 100% BPA free and dish washer safe, but you will have to remove the Fresh Filter carbon filter before putting it into the dish washer.

The filter will last up to 300 refills on the bottle which equates to a savings of $425! How so? Take 300 refills X $1.50/20oz bottled water = $450. MSRP on the CamelBak Groove is $25, so $450 - $25 = $425. I’d say this bottle is a great investment! What will you do with the extra $425 you will be saving?


Complimentary product was provided to me from CamelBak for this review. All opinions are my own.

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