Friday, November 5, 2010

Toby and Max: Gorgeous inspirational jewelry for the holidays

If you're looking for a very special holiday gift this year, be sure to visit Toby and Max. This company offers the most exquisite and meaningful jewelry. Perhaps you know someone who needs some words of encouragement. Maybe you want to tell that special someone just how wonderful they really are. Express how you feel with a beautiful piece from Toby and Max.

About Toby and Max Jewelry

Sandy Comstock, owner & designer of Toby and Max Jewelry, is inspired by words and phrases that bring people comfort, humor, and a belief in themselves. The Uniqueness of her designs has brought about a large following of devoted collectors.

Sandy says "By making designs that work so well as gifts, I can help others share their feelings with their friends, and that is important to me. 'Remember I am Always here for You' and 'A True Friend Should be Held with Both Hands' is a reminder from one friend to another.

And isn’t that what it all should be about? Making others feel good about themselves. That’s what inspires me…"
Believe in Yourself Link Bracelet
This is one of the most significant pieces in my entire collection, and one of my favorites.

This heavy solid sterling bracelet has 6 links with words on the front and on the back of the 4 middle links. The largest, first link has "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" on the top, the other links have the words: "BE BRAVE", with"STRONG" on the back; "BE KIND", with "COMPASSIONATE" on the back; "BE WELL", with "HEALTHY" on the back; "BE HAPPY", with "THANKFUL" on the back.

The last of the 6 links have three beautifully carved raised hearts on the surface. These sterling links are each held together by a set of double jump rings to match the strength and beauty of this design. (The phrase 'believe in yourself' is also available in the Cuff section.)

Approx. 8" long. If you have smaller wrists, you can can attach the lobster clasp to the jump ring where it fits you best, and let the extra 'triple heart' link dangle like a charm. That's how I wear mine and it looks so good!

We can easily make it longer for you - just choose 'add a link' below to purchase some extra length.

And She Lived Happily Ever After
Three dainty daisies adorn the top while the inside has the positive message "And She Lived Happily Ever After". Wonderful gift for so many occasions; starting anew, graduation, marriage, relocating, and as a confidence boost after a separation. One of our very best sellers.

Bumpy Road
A bracelet with a design to believe in:

Bold raised 'bumps' on the top represent the "bumpy roads" that we all encounter from time to time. On the inside is stamped "It will be Alright".

Shown in the second photo with "Stay Strong" a perfect match to wear together. All solid sterling and made in America.

I always wear my bumpy road "It will be Alright" cuff; in fact, I never take it off!

Petite Winged Heart * pendant

A solid sterling petite winged heart that has an absolutely beautiful design and is one of our Best Sellers. On the back is stamped the word "free"

Free can inspire so many wonderful meanings:
  • Free and happy!
  • Free to be yourself and do what you want!
  • Free to take that chance and believe in it!
  • Free to start anew with confidence!
  • Free and happy after that terrible relationship!
Free is a wonderful word. Live it, breathe it, enjoy it! AND GIVE IT to a friend who needs a little 'boost'.

Comes on 20" regular ball chain ready to wear, or you can upgrade to sterling by selecting that option below. Just under 1" wide.

Also available in earrings. And if you love this one, check out our original winged heart! In response to the recent oil spill crisis in the Gulf and the devastating impact it has had on wildlife, Sandy will donate 25% of your purchase to aid bird sanctuaries working to save birds injured by the BP oil spill. Thank you for your help in protecting our feathered friends!
Head on over to Toby and Max to take 25% OFF your order with the discount code funkymonkey25. Start shopping for the holidays!

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