Sunday, November 28, 2010

SHOKAY: Style with a touch of humanity - considered, every thread of the way

SHOKAY’s design philosophy is timeless elegance with a modern twist. More than just a complement to your winter wardrobe, our accessories will inspire everyday outfits. We believe in producing pieces that not only can be worn season after season, but also generation after generation. The heirloom quality of our hand knit pieces brings a personal touch to our products while the unique properties of yak fiber will keep you toasty warm all winter long.

Hidden from most of the world by its remote location, Shokay yak down derives its unique origins from the mountainous Himalayan regions of Western China. Our fibers are hand-combed from the yaks that dwell there, whose ancient existences continue to serve as a life source for the Tibetan herders. From this down comes a soft and beautiful fabric, unlike any other.

We aim to source our yak fiber directly from Tibetan herders, enabling them to earn a long-term sustainable living while preserving their traditional lifestyle. We believe that by investing and reinvesting our success into the local communities, we ensure the opportunity of choice for future Tibetan generations.

Houndstooth Plaid Scarf
Woven from a blend of yak and bamboo yarns, this plaid houndstooth scarf will flatter with its luxurious and flowing design.
75% yak/25% bamboo, 180cmx66cm

Forever Hand in Hand mittens II (adult)
Mittens hand knit from cotton and yak yarns. These gloves are essential for any couple!
90% pima cotton/10% yak, 24cmx9cm

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