Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BuddyTops: Plush Animal Hats 25% Off Code

BuddyTops is an innovative company located in NYC that deals exclusively with kids gifts. We sell a large variety of animal hats geared for children ages 3-12 yrs old. In addition to being warm and cuddly, our children's hats come with a valuable lesson. Each lovable character represents a positive personality trait that is incorporated into its story line. Essentially, each winter hat has the ability to inspire creativity and mindful play in young people. Our new line-up includes the introduction of earmuffs and long sets (hat, scarf, and mittens) which are perfect for cooler weather.
Bear Hat

Bravery and brown bears go hand in hand. Alone in the woods, these powerful creatures rely on their instinct. You can hone in on yours as well by buying your kids animal hats depicting their favorite furry friends. Not only will your cubs thank you for being so thoughtful, they will scurry off to school with their winter hats in tow. That means they'll be catching far less colds this year!

Bunny Hat - Long Set
Fight the bitter cold and have fun doing it with our new long sets which include a hat, scarf, and set of mittens. Available in the following styles - polar bear, bunny, panda, and white tiger. These snuggly pieces of winter wear will be a hit with every child you buy one for.
Size Chart available here.
These hats would make excellent holiday gifts this year. What child wouldn't fall in love with BuddyTops?!?
Head on over to their website to take 25% OFF your order with the discount code funkymonkey now until December 1, 2010.
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  1. Those are just cute. Do they come in men sizes? It was 47 below wind chill the other night where my husband was. He'd look good in the bunny one. hee hee
    Thanks for the review.

  2. This is what their size large says:

    LARGE: 7+ years old - (Adults: Fits Most)