Sunday, October 24, 2010

Untangled Living: Stainless Steel Dishware

Introducing Untangled Living:

Untangled – a state of being.

We all get 'tangled up' from time to time. And that's ok, it happens! The good news is we can get untangled.

Untangled is a way of living. A way of believing, thinking and most importantly a way of living consciously – to make choices in our lives in full awareness and true free will. We all live much of the time in auto-pilot. Doing things “just because” and going places “just because” without really ever asking at each moment, “Is this what I really want? Why am I doing this? Does this work for me, my family and community, and ultimately for our world?” As a result we sometimes end up “tangled”. Asking these questions and then living through the truthful answers is living consciously – a way to get untangled.

Untangled is essentially Sue Volpe’s expression to the world: What she wants to communicate, her way of enriching the lives of others, her way to inspire, energize and excite! Sue chooses to live life consciously, making her own way. And now she would like to invite others to join in this way of living, one step at a time.

How do we get untangled? Stay connected! Stay connected to ourselves, to our families and community and to our world. This brings us to a place of balance and bliss.

Why children’s products? “...because this is where it all begins. As we raise our children, let our choices be conscious. Let us be the generation to raise our kids in full awareness. Let us give this gift to ourselves and our families – the gift that brings us happiness and health.

All we have is our words, our thoughts and our actions. So let’s say what we want, believe in our thoughts and run with it”, Sue Volpe.

Thank you. Namaste!

Anywhere Collection Stainless Steel Dishware for Children - Available in Gecko or Butterfly Designs
5 piece set includes: Fork, spoon, plate, bowl and cup
Dishwasher safe, stackable and durable with a lifetime guarantee!

Head on over to Untangled Living to purchase.
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