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Purse Bling: Functional ways to add charm to your purse, and more!

Purse Bling is located in Seminole, Florida. The owners, Jerilyn and Michael Stein, focus on providing excellent quality products with awesome customer service. This is a family business, run by people with a desire to help women find harmony with their handbags.

After living with a very disorganized purse for years, Jerilyn realized how happy she became when she bought her first Finders Key Purse. Then, when she got her Finders Fone, she was totally hooked (no pun intended) and realized she just had to bring these great products to other women. Here is what she has to say about it:

"These products just make my life so much easier. I had developed so many bad habits with my keys and cell phone like leaving them around the house and having to search everywhere for them, or worse yet, locking my keys in my car. Now I know exactly where my keys and cell phone are, just one glance at those little charms and I know my keys and phone are right where they should be. It's wonderful having an organized pocketbook! After years of always being the one digging around for a pen, paper, my keys, my lip balm, you name it, it's so nice to have everything at my fingertips! Now I'm always showing off my beautifully organized purse and never miss a cell-phone call!"

Clipa Purse Hanger
This is the most versatile and strongest handbag hanger around. What I really love about it is that it stays on your handbag strap so it is always ready to use without searching for it. Non-slip grips are on both ends which eliminates twisting and figuring out which way to turn it. But best of all is that it holds 45 pounds so it can hold sports bags (hang them from a fence and keep them away from mud, dirt, and insects) diaper bags (just hang it from your stroller handle and use it on changing tables to keep your diaper bag clean), laptop bags, and bags full of shopping. It can also be used to hang your purse on shopping cart handles so you have room for the eggs and bread in the child seat. In the movie theater hang it on the back of the seat in front of you. In the bathroom use your Clipa to hang your bag from the stall door or handicapped railing - what a lifesaver! The uses for this item are almost unlimited. A must have for anyone who carries a purse, diaper bag, backpack, sports bag, or laptop bag. This is a great gift item!

Click here to view the product demo video.

Hip Klips
At Purse Bling we're dedicated to helping women live in harmony with their handbags, but, we do have to admit, sometimes we just want to leave those heavy, bulky purses at home! Well, we've found the perfect solution for those times!

The Hip Klip is a special patent pending clippable keychain. No beltloops? No Pockets? No problem! The Hip Klip fastens to your pants, shorts, skirt, purse, backpack, boots, etc., keeping your keys secure. But it gets even better because you can also attach The Hip Klub Pocket Accessory to the Klip.

The Hip Klub Pocket Accessory is a specially designed wallet/mini-purse that attaches to the Hip Klip. It has an open pocket on one side for easy access to a cell phone or camera and a zippered compartment on the other to keep things like cash, credit cards, ID, and lip balm secure. Hip Klip Klub Pockets take the place of a heavy purse when you only need your essentials like your phone, ID, credit cards, cash, and/or keys. The Hip Klip Klub Pocket stays with you so there's no chance of leaving it behind like you might do with your handbag. The Hip Klip/Klub Pocket is lightweight and hands free. Great for when you are doing a lot of walking at a theme park, taking a hike, going for a bike ride, going out dancing, or a going on a shopping spree!!

All Hip Klip Klub pockets measure 5" x 5" unless otherwise specified (like the black passport size). All Hip Klip/Klub Pocket combos come with 1 Klip and 1 pocket unless otherwise specified. Hip Klips with no pockets are available (scroll down to the bottom of the list).

Right now take 10% off everything from Purse Bling excluding sale items. Enter the discount code FUNKY during step 2 of the checkout process in an area that says discount coupon. Type the code in the text box next to the words "redemption code" - Good until December 31, 2009.
Start your holiday shopping with Purse Bling! They also carry Purse to Go, Purseket, and Joey Junior Purse Organizers.
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