Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House of Marchand: Bath and Body

House of Marchand is a family owned and operated company. Our mission is personalize customer service, offering one on one communication with all clients. We strive to offer our consumers economically friendly, cost efficient products.

We understand the gravity of being the recipient of life changing donations, and would like to continue passing on this gift. For this very reason, we purchase product bases from our manufacturer, which offer a portion of its profits for donation.

We continue this gift by also donating a portion of our profits as well. The gift of giving is one of the most precious gifts one can give.

Boudoir Sachet

Often the stresses of life allow us to forget the time that we originally set aside for ourselves. Forgetting the moments spent in Victoria Secret mulling over that special item we want to wear for our significant other or even just for ourselves. We play out scenarios in our minds, lit candles, sleeping kids, a romantic after dinner snack. But then reality hits..... the baby cries, the dog wants out, and neighborhood cats decide to hold their monthly quartet rehearsal. All because you were expecting a quiet night with your someone special, or just a wonderful night alone.... freshly bathed, snuggled in your special nightie ready to cuddle up with a good book or watch that tear jerker armed with kleenex and the faithful comforter.

Often times, we buy small items to make us feel special, and then life happens and they get stuffed into a drawer for another time.

House of Marchand Sachets were created specifically for the purpose of reminding us when we open the drawer, to remember to take those special moments. We often let life’s stresses make us forget about well laid plans we had made for ourselves. Open your drawer and let the scent help you to remember why you bought that Red Lace Negligee.

Our Sachets, are prefilled with 100% organic fiber chips scented with a variety of fragrances.

Lavender Lovers

These delightful embroidered organza bags are filled with six ounces of Premium Grade A Lavender. Higher quality dried Lavender has more flowers and buds (less stems) and brighter color. Wonderfully Fragrant these organza bags are. 4 x 6 in size. Available in either White or Black.

Right now take advantage of this incredible offer. Receive a free gift with any purchase!

Use the code LLFM to receive a free Lavender Lovers Sachet or BCFM for a free Boudoir Camisole Sachet.

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