Friday, August 13, 2010

BKW Seasonings: Big Kahuna Gourmet Seasoning Blends

BKW Seasonings is a family-owned business. Originating in the early 1960’s, BKW Seasonings has been satisfying taste buds for over 40 years. The seasoning was created to produce a unique buffalo-style wing that our family has used for years cooking wings for friends and customers at football games, parties, and gatherings.

In 1997 we opened a small take-out restaurant near the University of Tennessee campus called Big Kahuna Wings. Just two weeks after opening, BKW competed with twenty-nine local, regional and national wing restaurants including Hooters, Spicy's, and Buffalo Wild Wings, among others and was voted BEST WINGS in Knoxville at the annual "War of the Wings." The Big Kahuna legend was born.

While operating the restaurant, we experimented with the seasoning and found it to be exceptionally good to bring out the true flavor in almost any food. Steaks, hamburgers, pork, fish, vegetables, and many other foods have proven to be excellent with the addition of our seasoning. The result was the creation of Big Kahuna Original Gourmet Blend. When you try our blends, we believe you will agree . . . it is the most unique seasoning to ever hit the market, and its uses are endless!

Big Kahuna Original Gourmet Blend

Big Kahuna Original Gourmet Blend is the most unique seasoning ever to hit the market. Its uses are endless. Although it was created for fried chicken, it is great on almost anything! Even popcorn!

BKW Pepper Blend

BKW’s Pepper Blend brings out the best in all that is Pepper! This NO SALT, NO SODIUM blend does not give up any flavor as it combines four different peppers with a mixture of our Original Blend…minus the salt of course! Try it on any of your favorite dishes to add that extra flavor that is BKW!
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