Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The cutest blankets around ~ Happy Blankie

Have you ever seen a blanket this cute?!? Stomp the Happy Frog makes everyone who sees it happy indeed! This blankie is truly adorable.

First of all, it's so unbelievably soft. I want to cuddle with it myself. The plush minky dot fabric is so luxurious and gentle on the skin. On the backside is a beautiful silky charmeuse satin. The darling face is neatly embroidered. This blanket will put a smile on your face the minute you see it.

Stomp comes in three different sizes:
  • Small approx. 18” X 18” (security size: newborn - 2 years)
  • Medium approx. 36” X 40” (perfect for nap time, car trips, any time! newborn - 6 years)
  • Large approx. 48” X 56” (newborn - 75+ years)
Stomp the Happy Frog isn't the only adorable friend. There is Chase the Happy Dog, Giggle the Happy Pig and Tumble the Happy Bear.

And who doesn't love a company that gives back - read on...

David Holdridge, founder of Happy Blankie, had a remarkable idea. His mother Emily encouraged him to bring his idea to life – and then added a life lesson that we can ALL teach our children - share. Her idea was to share the happiness of Happy Blankie with children in need of a smile. Thus, ONE to Love, ONE to Share, became the core philosophy of Happy Blankie. The concept is based on Emily’s message to David (and her other 3 children) – love one another, share with others and make a difference in the world.

Blankie Shares
Happy Blankie is donating blankies to children in need all over the world. YOU will be able to make a difference by choosing where you would like to give a blankie. When you receive your blankie you will be able to follow the instructions on the "giving is cool" tag in order to donate your second blanket. We will send you an email that will keep you informed of our future giving dates and destinations. Both you and Happy Blankie are changing the world, two blankies at a time - and that is what we call REMARKABLE.

Visit Happy Blankie today to take 20% OFF your order with the discount code: HB20

Complimentary product was provided to me from Happy Blankie for this review. All opinions are my own.

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