Sunday, June 6, 2010

CamelBak: Podium Ice Water Bottle

The CamelBak Podium Ice Water Bottle – This is the ONLY water bottle I will purchase from now on! Camelbak claims that it keeps your beverage colder 4X than a non-insulated water bottle and the claims are true. I had never considered using an insulated water bottle, because my assumptions were that it will hold considerably less liquid and will be heavy. My assumptions were incorrect; compared to Camelbak’s uninsulated Podium water bottle, the Camelbak Podium Ice holds only 3 oz less. It also weighs a scant 4.2 oz compared to the uninsulated Camelback Podium’s 3 oz.

The Camelback Podium Ice also comes with the Jet Valve. You can lock the spout to prevent leaks from accidental squeezing. When unlocked, you can squeeze the bottle to let the fluid out. Once you stop squeezing, the fluid will cease to flow keeping everything nice and clean. With regular water bottles, liquids usually end up on my clothing and all over the bike. This is a hassle, because I don’t want to have to worry about cleaning the bike or staining my clothing because of a lousy water bottle.

Thrash Test – I went on a bike ride just before lunch and it was just below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I had 2 bottles, one the Camelback Podium Ice and the other, a regular water bottle. After 30 minutes, all the ice had melted from the regular water bottle, but the Camelbak Podium Ice stayed cold for 2 hours!

Thrash Test – PASSED!

Bottom Line – If you like to keep your beverage cold for as long as possible and don’t like your drink getting all over you, the Camelback Podium Ice will be the only water bottle you will ever need.

Product received for review from CamelBak. All opinions are my own.

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