Monday, May 17, 2010

Testing the CamelBak Capo on the Trail

The CamelBak Capo Part 2 – Thrash Test – When I filled up the bladder with ice and beverage, I noticed how easy it was to do so because of the wide mouth! There is a separate compartment for the bladder, which unzips and there is a hole on the top for the PureFlow Delivery Tube to go through. Easy, breezy, no fiddle faddling and it was mess free. Cleaning was also a cinch since you can fit your whole hand in there.

For this test, I travelled to Auburn, CA and rode the Clementine Loop Trail. At this trail, you have to ride about 4 miles up to the top and 5 miles downhill. The idea was to load up the pack with safety gear to include body armor, knee guards, and elbow/forearm guards; Once at the top, put all the gear on and survive going downhill.

During the long uphill ride, I noticed how secure the pack was; nothing came loose and it felt solid on my back. The Back Panel Air Director (part that sits directly on your back) felt comfortable and did not make me feel hot at all. It sat on my shoulders nicely and the weight was evenly distributed which prevented any “hot spots”. The chest harness kept the pack secure and also enabled me to breath with no constriction.

When I finally got to the top of the hill, I inspected the straps and everything was just as secure as when I started the ride. After putting on all the gear, I tightened up all the straps and flew downhill. There were many rocky parts going downhill that can make one’s fillings pop loose, but the Capo was like an extension of my body; it never felt like it was going to pop off my back despite all the shaking. At times, I was hanging on to my handlebars for dear life, but I was still able to get a sip of my drink since the Bite Valve was easily accessible.

Final Verdict – Does what it’s supposed to do by keeping you hydrated and also holds on to your safety gear with no hiccups. Thrash Test – PASSED.

CamelBak provided this product for review. All opinions are my own.

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