Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bikini Kitchen: Booty Butter Tanning Lotion

Bikini Kitchen’s all-natural Booty Butter Tanning Lotion is perfect for babes of all shades who desire a stunning summer glow. It can be worn along with your favorite SPF lotion, which we highly recommend, and you’ll still see amazing results. Our all-natural tanning lotion is really potent stuff – so if you're a fair little mamma, you may want to limit yourself to an hour in the sun your first time.

As a Bikini Kitchen Babe, your booty will be treated to the finest ingredients under the sun. Booty Butter Tanning Lotion is all- natural, baby. Chemicals? Nope. Artificial dyes? Please! Only the best for your booty.

And don’t worry about streak lines and orange skin: Booty Butter Tanning Lotion is NOT a self tanner. It's a 100 percent all-natural potion that accelerates the tanning process while also nourishing your skin. The result? A booty-ful, natural glow.

The Booty Butter Tanning Lotion Recipe:
  • Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil - This potent Hawaiian “secret” bronzes all skin tones quickly. It is also excellent for the skin as it moisturizes while you tan. In fact, since it is a skin-healer, many use it for dry skin and psoriasis.
  • Kona Coffee Extract - Grown exclusively in Hawaii, Kona Coffee gives Booty Butter its yummy, mocha scent. Oh there’s more! Now hold tight for this one dear Bikini Kitchen Babes - the coffee may be really good for you! The natural acids in the coffee soften the skin and revitalize circulation. Further, studies conducted on mice have found that caffeine, when applied to the skin, fights cancer. Researchers have found that when treating mice with lotion containing caffeine, they had 50-70 percent fewer tumors.
  • Soothing, Moisture-Rich Mix - Booty Butter is super moisturizing for a long lasting tan you can bet your booty on. Our recipe blends the perfect combination of Aloe, which soothes and nourishes the skin, along with Macadamia Nut Oil and Light Mineral Oil so your booty glistens with moisture.
  • Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E - We Bikini Kitchen Babes want to ensure you protect and nourish that sexy tan. Vitamin A helps form new blood vessels, which give the skin an attractive, rosy glow. Vitamin C fends against damage caused by the sun. Vitamin E protects the epidermis from early stages of ultraviolet light damage and reduces the severity of sunburn.
Booty Butter is the BEST tanning lotion for a booty-ful, natural glow:
  • Water resistant for you bathing beauties!
  • A Great Bug Repellent so no bugs bite your booty!!
  • Absolutely NO animal testing as we Booty Butter Babes love our furry friends.

Booty Butter comes in two sizes - 8 oz and 1 oz!

Don’t just get any sun tanning lotion, get the BEST, all natural sun tan lotion. Buy Bikini Kitchen Booty Butter sun tanning lotion for a glowing, beautiful tan, and healthy, nourished skin.

Do you want to try Bikini Kitchen's Booty Butter dark tanning lotion? Order your sample size of the best tanning lotion for your booty! Try it for only $2.95, plus shipping!

Summer is on its way! Click here to purchase.

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  1. this product looks sounds really great. I was so convinced that I began placing an order for the mini bottle to try it out. but for the $2.95 bottle, the cheapest ground shipping option costs $8.14 I just can't see spending about 3 times the price of the product on shipping. I'm heading over to Ebay to see if anyone has any. Thanks for the review!

  2. You're welcome! :) Thanks for the comment, Michelle.