Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nelle & Lizzy: Beautiful Personalized Jewelry

Never underestimate the determination of a mother!

As a gift after the birth of her third child, Lizzy was given a simple triple band sterling silver ring. She wanted to have the names of her three boys impressed on the outside - one name on each band. She took her ring to numerous jewelers and called all over the US trying to get this "simple" project done but kept hearing the the word "impossible". So she called her friend Nelle who is an experienced designer and together they began the long journey of creating a jewelry line that subtly expresses who is in your heart. After seeing all the "cutesy" mother's jewelry out on the market, they wanted to develop a simple piece of jewelry, which is understated yet meaningful. After literally years of designing, researching and fabricating they released the original Nelle & Lizzy rings. After much success with the rings, customers requested that they design necklaces and bracelets with the same simple feel. In the fall of 2008 Nelle & Lizzy released their new designs which include custom stamped bracelets, necklaces and birthstones rings. All of the Nelle & Lizzy jewelry line is designed to look in your heart and tell what's inside.

Chain Link Necklace

Anything goes with our classic charm necklaces! Get creative and design your unique piece of jewelry. Mix and match all of our charms to create a necklace that is truly significant to you. Select stamped charms, lucky charms, birthstone charms and/or alphabet charms and then pick out the type of chain or cord you would like. The end product will be a one-of-a kind!


With our stamped triple ring with interconnecting bands you can create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Design your ring with three names, dates or words...be creative! The bands move around on your finger so the same name, date or phrase will not always be on top. This ring is a continually changing work of art. Simply select your size and let us know what you would like stamped on your ring. There is a maximum of 12 characters.

When developing our customization system, we debated between engraving the silver and stamping it. We decided to develop a stamping system because the indention is deeper and creates a much bolder look. Engraving scratches the silver off leaving a much shallower indention whereas stamping displaces the silver and makes the grooves deeper. Almost all customized jewelry is engraved, not stamped.

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Advertorial from Nelle & Lizzy

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