Friday, February 12, 2010

Zazzle: 26,713,806,382 Customizable Products

This is one really cool site. Zazzle is the only on-demand retail platform for consumers and major brands. What that means is every single product they ship out to customers is made one at a time - literally. After you click "Purchase Now", it's a go. All items are produced within 24 hours.

I have already found a ton of items I want to customize from this company. I'll definitely be coming back for more. Looking for the perfect gift?! Look no further.

I received two shirts to review. One is their One Up Mushroom Classic Gamers Tee Shirt. My son thinks this shirt is the greatest. Now the hard part is getting him to take it off!

You have the ability to get this tee in over 60, yeah that's right, 60 different shirt styles for men, women and children. WOW!

My culinary student brother loves their Choose Your Weapon Shirt. This would make an awesome gift for any chef, foodie or cook. Let the battle begin! Again, choose from over 60 different shirt styles for this design.

Head on over to Zazzle to really see what they have to offer. Heck, how can you not want to see what 26,713,806,382 customizable products look like!

Product received for review

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  1. After my husband and I got married I was surfing the net and I came across Zazzle! I ordered stamps with a picture from our wedding on the stamp and a purse that says 'Mrs. Coldwell'
    I love Zazzle!!