Sunday, February 7, 2010

Morgan's Bed: Cat & Dog Beds for a Good Cause

I have a soft spot for animals. Throughout my childhood, my family owned so many cats and dogs. I am so lucky to now have two kitties of my own that I adore. Our pets have always been more than just animals, they've been loving members of our family.

Morgan's Beds is an Etsy shop that touched my heart. I hope you find it just as sweet as I did.

Morgan is a rare juvenile diabetic kitten, born with bilateral cataracts. Morgan has had cataract surgery at Cornell University, and he continues to deal with his diabetes and other health issues. Morgan has survived and thrived against all the odds and Morgan's Beds was created to pay for his constant medical care.

Each day with Morgan is a special gift. He's an amazing happy go lucky little cat with a zest for life.Morgan's Beds are made with high quality fabrics, and poly fill stuffing. They can be washed in warm water, and put in the dryer on warm.I've been making Morgan's Beds for over 4 years now, and many Catsters and Dogsters have them, and they all love them. They get softer and more comfortable as they are slept in.

Morgan's Beds were also featured on the HDTV website under Pet Projects.

This is Morgan's Webpage. Here is Morgan's Happy Endings page on the Save A Sato website. Morgan is a permanent foster cat from SAS.

Morgan's Beds Also Offers:
  • Gift Certificates
  • Free Gift Wrapping & Gift Cards and we will ship to the recipient of your choice
  • Custom Made Beds
Each Cat Bed comes with a special surprise for it's new owner.

This was a shop I found from Etsy that I wanted to share. No product or other form of compensation was received.


  1. my cats are happy customers of Morgan's Beds - we're all so happy to support such a fine feline!

  2. That is soooo wonderful! Good for you!