Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strapped Belts: Beautiful Handmade Glass Accessories

Artist John Frechette began working with glass as part of an introductory fused glass class and quickly found a passion for working with the material and discovering its transformative qualities when heated. What started as one class has know grown into a full line of handmade glass accessories. Frechette launched Strapped Belts® in 2008 as a result of life's twists and turns. After his employer went bankrupt, he was "strapped". Strapped for cash and strapped for a job.

First making glass belt buckles Frechette has grown the line to include handmade earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, pendants and rings! His work with simple colors and graphic designs have separated Strappedbelts from many glass artists, and has propelled him into stores nationwide. Now found in over 30 retail stores across the United States and Canada Strapped can be spotted almost anywhere!

Strapped's wearable art has been seen on,, and many other well known blogs. Most recently Strapped Cufflinks were featured in the "Priceless Papa" section of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's December 2009 Christmas Gift Guide, and On Channel 5 News...see press page for more info!

True Blue Flower Buckle

This buckle is True Blue with Spring Green and White Powder Flowers. It features two brown birds on a black telephone wire. The buckle is made of solid glass, and only glass. The buckle back is a solid nickel and is silver in color.

Each Buckle is 2in by 3in. The buckle opening is 1.5 inches and accommodates any 1.5 inch in width (or smaller) western style strap. We do sell the strap separately.

Size: 2in by 3in
Color: Spring Green White and True Blue
Belt: Sold separately

Mint Green Glass Earrings

These earrings are mint green glass. The earrings are made of solid glass, and only glass. The ear wire is sterling silver and made by hand.

Each Earring is approx 3/4in by 1in. The earring are surprising light .

Size: 3/4in by 1in
Color: Mint Green

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